Friday, June 16, 2006

Ballmer ain't going nowhere!

I'm not normally a fan of [Fortune senior editor] David Kirkpatricks's MSFT reporting, but amidst all the "MSFT is doomed" media hype today in the aftermath of Gates' announcement and continued Ballmer concerns/speculation (my own included), he penned the following article that takes an alternative view and makes some reasonable points and counter arguments:

There's also some truth to this comment, although I personally think MSFT could do far more to influence its own stock fortunes:

Microsoft is just one of a bunch of giant large-cap companies that have been delivering stellar financial results but have elicited nothing but yawns from Wall Street. This is hardly Ballmer's fault. IBM, Time Warner, and Home Depot are other examples. Profit growth seems not to matter.

In any event, kudos to Kirkpatrick for going against the general media tide and consider it my contribution to a balanced debate regarding Ballmer!


  • Sigh. I'm not in doomsday mode, but I am disappointed seeing the tech sector on another wave of excitement and feeling completely left out. It is not exciting working here. Rich employees are obsessed with "Microsoft: The Legend" while post 1996 employees are obsessed with technology, and have little regard for the 'glory days' of the company. The dance Ballmer's doing with the analysts and the press doesn't change the fact that much of the talent here is bored, many go home at 5-5:30PM, and everyone is jaded to the point when some good news does come out, we wonder whether its just lip service.

    By Anonymous msft_3_dot_0, at 3:54 PM  

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